To DNF or not to DNF…

Back when I first started blogging… I had NO idea what DNF stood for and how it related to a book. So first off let me explain…

DNF  simply means “Did Not Finish”  so in reference to the book world, you did not finish the book.


say what

I know right? Like I said, before blogging I had never heard of such a thing. Sure there has probably been more than a few books I had picked up and became disinterested in. Probably a few that I had thought were one thing and ended up being another. And at least one that just sucked and I couldn’t go on. But I was amazed to find out there was whole lots of DNF’ing going on.

I mean, some people have LONG lists of books that they for one reason or another just could not finish. When I started out, I started getting an influx of review requests. It started with a few then quickly spiraled out of control. It was madness. And me being me tried to help everyone and their brother, by checking out their work and leaving an honest review in exchange. I mean what could go wrong with FREE books? Well…

lots o books

Unfortunately, lots. From bad formatting, to whole story plot holes, and everything in between. And I CAME SO CLOSE to a book burn out. Yep you heard me. I began to despise reading. But for some reason- I just couldn’t stop trying to help people.


But hey. Guess what? I finally realized it is OK to DNF a book if it is not touching your soul.
Reading is meant to be enjoyable.
I began blogging because of my love for books, and the authors that create them. But I don’t have to like everything out there, and that’s ok- because there are MILLIONS of books. And just because I couldn’t get into it doesn’t necessarily make it a BAD book. Just think about it- how many books are all the rave and you check it out and guess what, you think it is the worst thing you have ever stumbled across? Same thing happens with movies, and just about anything else you may come across. We are not meant to all like the same things and if we all did, I think we would become rather bored don’t you?

bored book girl

Before I finish up I am going to get into something else- which I also think is IMPORTANT when choosing to DNF or not. Even though you couldn’t finish a book- I don’t recommend leaving a bad review. Hang on… I am not saying give it a 5 star one and lie through your teeth, but what I am saying is that if you choose to leave a review (which in most DNF cases I just choose not to leave one.) Hit on points that show that hey this one wasnt for me. Because as I said before- we are all different, and that is OK.