New Release The Three Fates Of Ryan Love by Erin Quinn

An oracle unexpectedly transforms her destiny when she alters the fate of the man she loves in this thrilling second novel from award-winning romance author Erin Quinn’s captivating new series.
Will love be their salvation . . .


The 3 Fates of Ryan Love
by Erin Quinn
Genre: Paranormal Romance

When Ryan Love discovers the mysterious Sabelle alone and terrified in his parking lot, he has no idea that helping the beautiful woman will be tempting fate. She says she’s an oracle from the Beyond, which seems crazy. But within moments of meeting her, Ryan’s entire life goes up in flames. He doesn’t know what to believe, but one thing is clear—now both their lives are in danger.

. . . or their downfall?
For years, Sabelle has guided Ryan’s fate. But by breaking the rules to save his life, she sets off a chain reaction with deadly consequences.  Now she’s hunted by her enemy, her future and her heart in Ryan’s hands. In the dangerous race to restore order, Ryan discovers he cannot live without Sabelle, his seductive and devoted prophet. But can he protect her from the dark forces closing in—or will he die trying?
Suleika’s 4 star review
Loved it! This book started with a BANG! It had so much action, so many things were happening to the characters.
In the beginning we meet Sabelle, she is from the Beyond, she is a Seer and has been (how do I say it without sounding creepy) watching Ryan almost all his life and trying to manipulate him. He never actually did what she would whisper to him, if she said go right he would go left. When they meet it was in a very shocking way and Sabelle was naked behind his bar and doesn’t really know what to tell Ryan. The story gets really good from there but Sabelle keeps a lot of secrets from Ryan which actually cause them to fight a lot, every time Sabelle reveals something new Ryan gets mad and with good reason because she did have a lot of secrets.
The chemistry between Ryan and Sabelle is great, I really liked them as a couple and the sex scenes were incredible. There were quite a few very steamy sex scenes, definitely not for under the age of 18.
I loved Roxy and Santo and will definitely need to read their story one day. They sound like a great couple and their story was probably super awesome. I liked that they were a big part of how this story got resolved.
The villain is something else, 100 % crazy and when you read the reason why she wanted what she wanted in the end you might be shocked.
All the characters were likable, except for Aisa of course, she was just crazy, but she made a very good villain.
I was very happy at how the author ended the story, it does end with a HEA. I would have liked a little bit more at the end but we can’t always get everything we want. At least the ending was a happy one.
Recommended if you want a fun read with lots of action and steamy sex scenes.
Erin Quinn
New York Times bestselling author Erin Quinn writes dark paranormal romance for the thinking reader. Her books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written” and have won, placed or showed in numerous awards. Go to for more information.  Look for The Three Fates of Ryan Love in January 2015 from Pocket Books.
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