Forever, Hold On by A. L. Wood Blitz & Review

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Jason, fun and easy-going has lived a normal life.

Raven, full of anger and resentment is stuck living in the past.

Can Jason’s aggressiveness override Ravens hardened exterior?

Will Raven realize that she deserves more than what she’s allowing herself?

Find out when you join Steele’s Army on vacation.

Forever, Hold On is the fifth installment in the Rock Romance Series.


Suleika’s Review


Forever Hold On is the story of Jason and Raven. I absolutely loved their story. If you have followed the series you know that they had already previously met briefly at a bar when Abigail and Gage met. Raven is Abigail’s friend and she has a dark past, one that haunts her and makes her behave the way she does. Jason is just one of the guys from the band, pretty easy going but finds that he likes Raven more than he should. The story is very fast paced. They didn’t quite fall in love right away but because the story is short you feel like they do. I really wanted more in the story, I felt like I needed to know more about the characters but I really loved Jason. There was a lot of steam in the story, the author sure knows how to write a great sex scene. They were really hot. Recommended if you have read the previous books in the series, read them in order tho so that you can follow the story and don’t feel lost. This is a great series and one of my faves when it comes to Rock stars.









A. L. Wood

I reside in Glens Falls, NY with my daughter and husband.

I am blessed to have an extremely supportive family and an amazing outpouring of support from readers and fellow Authors alike.

This path that I am on of a career has surprised me in many ways, I can only hope to further the road.
The Rock Romance Series is just the beginning on my long and adventurous journey, I dare you to join in on the ride.

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