New Release At The Wolf’s Door by Wade Joseph Le Fevre

At The Wolf’s Door

Wade Joseph Le Fevre



When Brady Bridges was twelve, he set out to solve the disappearance of little Melanie Grace. What he found that fall and winter has haunted him ever since. Police had quickly given up on Melanie, a Kindergartner who lived on the next street over and seemed to have vanished without a trace. With the help of his best friend, Brady searched the neighborhood, looking for clues. He soon found a likely suspect in Chet Plumber, an odd man who lived alone, kept to himself, and just may have been a werewolf. The ensuing cat and mouse game revealed a darkness in the world previously unknown to Brady, a darkness in his neighbors, and, worst of all, a darkness within himself. As Brady’s childhood came to an abrupt end, and with the lives of his family at stake, Brady may have done more than sacrifice his own soul to win the battle against evil: he may have sacrificed the souls of others.



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Suleika’s 5 star review:

Awesome story!
This might be the authors best work so far. The story is well written and it is very different from what I have read before from him, but in a good way.
The author did an excellent job at taking the reader back in time where things were much simpler but yet there were still dangers that we were all well aware of, but yet ignored because times were different. I went back in time when I would have sleepovers at the neighbors and walked home from school without a care or any fear of anything bad happening. The story definitely took me back to my childhood and I really enjoyed being transported back in time.
I loved Brady and Elliott’s friendship. The author really showed you how great a pair they were, they really are the best of friends and you can see it.
The story is mostly about what a great imagination they had and what ended up happening because of being curious. A little girl disappeared and they went investigating and what Brady found was not what he expected, but he did what he needed to do to protect others. I loved the ending and I have to say that I didn’t expected Red (Chet Plumber) to have that secret.
Definitely recommend reading this one.


WADE JOSEPH LE FEVRE is a life-long movie lover and an avid reader. He first fell in love with movies as a child during what he refers to as the heyday of genre filmmaking, the 1980’s. A periodic reader at best, he discovered a similar love for the printed word in high school after reading the post-apocalyptic nuclear holocaust novel Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien. He holds both mediums in high esteem, listing filmmaker John Carpenter and author Richard Matheson equally as artistic inspirations. Born and raised in Southern California, he currently resides in Rancho Cucamonga, where he can usually be found with his nose in a book, waiting for the next showing of a film to start.



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