BT* For Life’s Perfect Moments by S.H. Pratt


 Madilyn Chambers lives and breathes music.  It is the lifeblood that courses through her veins and gives her control over the temper that also flows through her veins, a constant reminder of her Chambers’ heritage. But Madi knows the rough edges of life and knows that even her music can’t smooth them all out.  Her abusive father is serving a life sentence in Chino, her mother is dead and her brother is lost in a sea of drugs and alcohol.  Through the nightmares of her life, one single dream has remained bright and unbroken, buoyed by the music in her soul… and that is to have Logan Marshall see her as something more than his best friend’s little sister, and love her. 
Ten years after leaving Santa Barbara and the memories that taunted him, Logan Marshall is back and he is thrilled when he gets a call from his best friend, Mick.  When he finds Mick’s little sister angry, upset, and in need of help, his self-control is tested when he finds out that Mick is the one she needs protection from. 
When Mick’s trouble spills into Madi’s life, Logan refuses to leave Madi to face it alone.  As he spends more time with her, however, he realizes that his feelings for Madi are anything but big-brotherly.  But with Mick’s trouble growing desperate, his own past pressing in on him and Madi’s heart his fondest wish, Logan knows it’s time to put his priorities in order.
As Madi spends more time with Logan, her heart and dreams begin to crack under the pressure of his mixed signals and break with the truth of his past.  Can Logan convince Madi that his heart is hers before she gives up on her only dream completely?  Can he make her dream a reality of life’s most perfect moments?
Madi looked into his eyes… his face… and wished to die right then and there in his arms with that heart-twisting, sexier-than-anything half grin on his face.  She’d spent countless nights dreaming of that very look, begging the powers that be to let her have this gorgeous man.  She drew a shaky breath and blinked in confusion.  Her heart was beating madly in her chest, telling her that she was having the best dream of her life while her head was busy telling her that she was deluding herself into thinking he cared.
“Come on, let’s get you some place safe where Mick can’t find you, then I’ll take care of him,” Logan said gently.  He stood and slipped his arms into his black leather jacket and zipped it.  “I know just the place.”
Madi watched him with fascination and trepidation as he moved then held his hand out to her.  With wide, unblinking eyes, she looked at his hand.
“Tika, come on.”
Slowly, her heart racing, Madi put her hand in his and let him help her to her feet.  Logan didn’t relinquish her hand as he led her to his black Honda ST1300 motorcycle.  He handed her his spare helmet and opened one of the saddlebags, pulling a leather jacket from it.
“You keep a spare leather jacket?” Madi smirked. 
“I do.  I’ve dropped my bike before and shredded my jacket.  It pays to have a spare to keep from shredding me.  It’ll be big on you, but it’ll keep you safe until we get there.” Logan grinned that maddeningly sexy half grin at her again.  Madi swallowed over her crazy heart and nodded, unable to find her voice for the moment as she took the jacket from him.  She put it on and gaped at him.
“Big?  Logan, I could put two of me in here!” Madi squeaked.  Logan’s laughter washed over her, making head swim.
“Just zip up and put the helmet on.”
Madi struggled to get her arms out of the sleeves far enough to reach the zipper and Logan laughed again, his nose wrinkling endearingly.  He reached out and zipped the massive black jacket and pushed the helmet gently onto her head.  After adjusting the strap and making sure the helmet was secure, he raised his leg and straddled the huge black bike.
“Get on, Tika,” he grinned.  Madi was thrilled with herself when she managed to get astride the bike without making an ass of herself.  Logan reached for her arms and pulled the sleeves up so that her hands peeked out then he put her hands firmly around him.  “You hold on now, okay?”
“Yeah.  Please don’t kill me.” Madi whispered into the leather of his jacket.  She felt the rumble of his laughter and the movement of his muscles as he lifted his own helmet.
“Not a worry, Tika.  You’re safe with me.”
“Where are we going?”
“Huh-uh… I’m not telling.  I don’t want Mick to be able to find you.”
Madi had no immediate response for this and before she could think of one, Logan fired the
motorcycle up and her arms were tightening around him with a new heart pounding fear.  He patted her leg then turned onto the street.  She choked back a nervous giggle when they passed her brother as he stumbled from her apartment and Logan flipped him off.  Mick’s stunned face was one she’d remember for a long time.
After a few minutes, Logan tapped her leg and pointed to the left of the bike as it sped along the road.  She turned her head and gasped.
He’d driven onto the coastal highway and they were headed north with the sea in all of its glory ebbing and flowing on the left while tall, craggy hills rose to the right.  Occasional patches of green flew by, but Madi’s eyes remained fixed on the stunning, never-ending view of the Pacific Ocean. She barely felt the curves and twists of the road as Logan drove. 
For one brief moment in time, Madi closed her eyes and just let life happen to her.  She was here, with the one man she’d dreamed of, surrounded by the heady smell of him, holding him as he drove along the most beautiful stretch of road she’d ever seen.  For this moment, her world… her life… was perfect.

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I’m a wife and mother of three super kids. I’m originally from Montana but transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in 1999. I currently live in Olympia, Washington where most of my stories are set.
I began writing in high school but didn’t really pursue it seriously until 2011. My hope is that people will read and enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy creating it.






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