Surviving Goodbye by Morgan Parker Review Tour


Surviving Goodbye by Morgan Parker

About the Book:

In the final hours of her life, Elliot Fitch’s wife confesses that he is not the biological father to their 16-year old daughter.

Surviving Goodbye follows Elliot’s collision course with Fate as he embarks on a journey to locate his daughter’s real father. When Elena, now seventeen years old, announces her unplanned pregnancy and the father’s unwillingness to play a role in their child’s upbringing, Elliot faces an ironic dilemma about the true meaning of parenthood and the roles we play in the lives of others, particularly those we love and who love us in return.

Suleika’s Review:

5 stars
I believe that this one is his best work so far. I absolutely loved it! The story was well written and kept me interested throughout the whole book.
There were some very funny parts that had me laughing out loud and I would not have expected any different from this author, he makes me laugh all the time with all of his stories. Although it had quite a few emotional parts I did not cry, but I’m sure many have and plenty more will. I really like how the author combines all these emotions into one story.
I really liked all the characters, specially Elliot. He was just your normal guy that is going through a very rough time after losing his wife and learning some very surprising news. He has a teen daughter that was quite something else. The other important character that I liked was Veronica, she was cool and I’m happy about how things ended up with her and Elliot.
The story has a HEA.
Recommended to everyone. This one is a must read.


Author Bio:

As a shy and introverted male author, Morgan Parker seeks refuge in sleep. Where all of his friends live in his dreams and nightmares, and where he never has to pay for his non-fat cappuccinos. He has written the Textual Encounters Series, Non Friction, Sick Day and, most recently, Surviving Goodbye. He is currently at work on his next novel, Violets and Violence… yes, in his dreams.

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