New Release & Review for The Alphabet Game Part 3: L to R


The Alphabet Game Part Three: L to R

(L) OVE (R) s and (L) IA (R)s
As Stella starts work at The Rodeo, the New York sex club owned by her stepfather and Gabe’s dad; Gabe himself reels from the secret his mother kept from him for years. The Alphabet Game continues, but is it still about the sex or are deeper feelings emerging? Stella finally uncovers a lead in her quest for revenge. However Arnie Gregory isn’t so keen for his secrets to be revealed and Stella is about to find out what happens when he’s crossed …

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Reviewed By Suleika

My thoughts:

5 stars- ARC provided by the author

WOW! It keeps getting better and better…
The story picks up right where part two finished and part 2 ended with a BANG so you know you just need to find out what was going to happen with the super big shock and the super big surprise when they went to New York. So, we learn about the secret that Gabe’s mom was keeping from him for 8 years but after you keep reading you will find out the truth about the whole mess. It was very well written, I loved how the author worked that into the story and how she made you think one thing and then it was something else. This part of the story had a lot of action and so much more emotions. When Gabe actually tells Stella that he wants more I was so happy! I was thinking “YES!!!” finally. I have been waiting for them to actually fall in love, not that I did not like what they were doing, the games and the arrangement that they have is fun and interesting, specially the game part, but as a romantic reader I always want a little more. There were also a lot of super steamy sex scenes as hot or maybe a little hotter than in the previews books. I can’t hardly wait to the conclusion, there are still a few things going on that need to be resolved and some characters that we know are going to get what’s coming to them. The author ended this part with a BANG as well, she is very good at doing that.
If you are reading this book I recommend reading part one and part two first, they need to be read in order to understand the story and trust me you want to read them.
You will fall in love with the characters, all of them. Gabe and Stella are awesome and so is Stella’s best friend Ronnie.

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