New Release and Review for Crossing the Darkness by William Massa


About the book: 

A journey into darkness. A spaceship of horrors. An ex-cop and an ex-con must join forces to stop the next step in human evolution.
Faith Cadena hopes to make a new life for herself on a new world far from Earth. After doing hard time for a crime committed in her youth, all she wants now is a chance at a fresh start.

Booking passage on an interstellar colony barge, Faith expects an uneventful three-year voyage spent in cryogenic stasis. But her dream of a better life becomes a nightmare when she is prematurely awakened halfway through her journey and finds herself trapped aboard a ship of horrors: the vessel is adrift in the far reaches of space, its crew brutally murdered and a ruthless killer in command.

With the nearest outpost millions of miles away, it’s up to Faith to face an inhuman adversary with terrifying plans for the ship’s 4000 sleeping passengers…


Reviewed by Suleika

My thoughts:

Awesome! This book surprised me. It was very interesting and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. It is very well written and I really liked the author’s writing style. It is the first book I have read from this author and I will be reading more for sure. The story is different from what I normally read, this is sci fi with some suspense. There are deaths, gore and lots of blood but not to the point of you don’t want to keep reading because it’s gross. Like I said, this story is very well written. There were a few parts were you are on edge thinking something bad is going to happen. There is also a sad part in the story but I won’t tell you what it was. I liked how the author finished the story but I have to admit that I wanted more, I kind of have questions about what it’s going to happen to Faith and the surviving people aboard the ship. I also want to know what will come out of her. Book 2? I will definitely read if there is going to be one.

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About the author: 


William Massa is a screenwriter (Return to House on Haunted Hill) and script consultant. He has lived in New York, Florida, Europe and now calls Los Angeles his home.

William writes action/adventure with a horror, dark fantasy or science fiction flavor.

Twitter: for news, updates and announcements.

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Get Crossing the Darkness available now at Amazon for an introductory price of .99 cents


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