Review for The Witch, the Wolf and the Vampire by A. K. Michaels


The Witch The Wolf & The Vampire

About the book

Urban Fantasy: Peri has been running since she was fifteen – using her magic to stay safe. ‘They’ can track her magic tho, so she has to use it sparingly. In Vegas, for a cash in hand job, and things turn nasty! She knows the amount of magic she would have to use to escape unscathed would bring ‘them’ right to her. Before she can use the vast magic required two males appear and aid her. One a wolf, one an ancient vampire. Josef, the vampire, and Gabe, the wolf, are more than a little interested in this skinny girl. What ensues shocks both of the strong males – this girl is more than a stray, more than a witch – it looks like she is a mate – for both of them!? Will Peri stay? Will they keep her safe? Who, if any, of the two will she choose? Just how much power does this stripling of a girl have locked inside her? Adult content in this book!

Reviewed by Aislin Keeley

Aislin’s thoughts:

Peri is a bounty hunter and pretty good at her job. She is also a witch running from a tortured past which makes it hard for her to have a stable life. But after a particularly harsh encounter with one of her bounties, she meets Josef and Gabe and her world is never the same.
She leaves the streets for a penthouse suite with these two males who are oddly drawn to her and her to them. Peri figures out that Josef is a vampire and Gabe is a wolf. She can’t help but have feelings for them, and she soon discovers that she is not a mate to one, but to both males. With her past threatening to catch up to her and with those closest to her hurting her, can she trust her instincts and open her heart, or will she be betrayed again?
I gave this book 3 stars. I understand I am in the minority here, but the reason for this rating is as follows:
**I really liked Peri, Josef, and Gabe. They made me smile and I liked how their personalities offset each other. However, I really didn’t “know” them. I caught a glimpse of their pasts, but nothing that gave them more depth and substance. I wanted to know where they came from how old they were (Josef is “ancient” and Gabe is “younger” than Josef).
**There seems to be a large amount of back story missing. I understand that a story can be bogged down with too many details, but this one had too little. I wanted to know some of their history and was a little disappointed to not uncover some of it.
**Peri discovering the extent of her powers was interesting to read. I would like to have seen more development of them or the “accidents” that occurred if she used them too much.
Overall, the story has potential. If you’re looking for a quick romantic read, this one may be for you.

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