Review for Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

LMD Cover

Suleika’s Review

5 stars
ARC given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

WARNING!!! I feel like I should say have a box of tissues ready, you will need it.
This books is so incredibly good. Absolutely loved it! This is the second book I read from this author and I gotta say she is so good. She really knows how to write with emotion.
I won’t tell you a lot of details about the book because I do not want to spoil anything for anyone, but what I will say is that the story is about a forbidden love. It’s also about loss and finding the one other person that will complete you and fulfill the void that both characters had. The story is very sad at moments, so sad, I cried a lot. But it was a good kind of crying. This story brings out so many emotions. You will be laughing at times and you will be crying, you will also get mad at some moments. This was my favorite thing about the story, all the emotions that it made me feel.
The writing is flawless and the writing style is really good. The story will keep you entertained and you won’t want to put it down till the very end. Just be ready with some tissues, trust me on this…
Recommended to everyone, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Excerpt #1

Daniel rubbed his arms up and down my shoulders for a moment. His lips moved in closer to mine, and when they connected to the corner of my mouth, I felt a wave of heat skyrocket through my system.

“Goodnight, Ashlyn,” he said, lightly touching my fingertips before he stepped back, forcing another smile from me.
“Goodnight, Daniel Daniels.” My heart was getting lost in a world of yearning, and I allowed it to travel to the unknown territory. I reached into my purse and pulled out his CD. “Oh, and just so you know…I’m taking you to bed tonight.”
“Well, damn. I’m one lucky bastard.” He winked at me, and I felt my world being rocked. Running his hands through his hair, he smiled big. “I think this is when we exchange numbers.” He reached his phone out toward me and I gave him mine. After typing in my number, we switched back.
“I probably won’t call you first because I don’t want to look desperate.” I grinned.
“And I won’t call you first because I want you to explore the idea that there might be other girls I’m talking to.”
Ohh how he makes me feel. I hadn’t felt this way in so long. “Well obviously there aren’t other girls. Have you seen yourself? You’re pretty hideous.”
“Yeah. Girls don’t like charming smiles, muscular arms, or delicious four-pack—” He quickly took my hands and ran them across his stomach. I sighed lightly, feeling my thighs ache from the touch of his physique. “Six-pack abs.” My cheeks blushed over, but I hoped he didn’t notice.
“So what is it that girls like?” He crossed his arms.
“Ya know, the normal things. A little hair under the nostrils. Some extra chins to kiss. An extra nipple or three. Just the normal things.”
He laughed, and I wanted to snuggle against him to feel the laughter ripple through his body. “I’ll work on those things. I don’t want to be… What word did you use?”
“Right. I would hate to be hideous in your eyes.” There was one last round of smiles before he turned away and I began to walk in the other direction.
“Hey, Ashlyn!” he shouted, making me twirl back around in his direction. I waited for his comment, sending him a wondering gaze. “Would you want to have another really weird fucking night with me again sometime? Like, maybe even, Tuesday night?”
Yes! Yes! For all things righteous, YES! “You know what? I think I can pencil you in.”
“You know the library on Harts Road?”
Nope. I didn’t. But I’d be searching the internet right when I returned home to find out where it was. “I’ll figure it out.”
“Good. Figure it out around, say, six p.m.”
“It’s a date.” I realized my words and paused, slamming my hand against my side. My cheeks heated up and my hands curled around my waist. “I mean, it’s a… It’s… I’ll be there. I’ll see you then.”

LMD teaser 2

Excerpt #2

Walking in the hallway, I felt trapped. My eyes darted to the clock on the wall. The loud ticks reminded us students that we must hurry along or we might blink and miss out on our lives. Six more hours. Six more long, dreadful hours before I would be able to escape the imprisonment of the building.
While I was walking, I saw Henry standing down the hallway giving me a halfway grin. I sighed and turned the other way, running directly into a person. My books and schedule went flying and I rolled my eyes.
“Watch where you’re going, melons.”
I looked up just in time to see that I’d managed to run into a guy wearing a letter jacket. A football player, and from how the followers huddled around him, I was sure he was the head of the team. I glanced over and noticed Jake standing amongst them, giving him a wary smile.
He shrugged with an apologetic grin and walked off. Thanks for the help, chemistry partner. A few of the guys remained near me as I started picking up my books from the run-in.
“Those aren’t just melons. Those are watermelons. I love my watermelons big and juicy,” a boy laughed as he walked past me, mocking the size of my chest.
After I picked up the books, I held them even tighter to my chest. I couldn’t even raise my head to look the bullies in the eyes.
One of the downsides to wearing Gabby’s dresses was the way they showcased my body. But for some reason, I had to wear them.
“No need to read when you got a rack like that. I can teach you all kinds of things,” the head bully said. One of the others called him Brad. I felt his eyes roaming across my body and I shifted myself away from him which made me run into another. Didn’t they have better things to do on the first day of school? Like, maybe going to class?
“Just one taste,” one of the guys muttered as he moved close to my ear and rubbed his hands against my shoulders before the rough sound of a teacher’s voice filled all of our ears.
“All right, all right. That’s enough. Get to class.” The voice ran through my ears as my head was still down. I watched as all of the feet of the assholes scurried away. A hand came near me and I flinched.
The need for a shower washed over my skin. Violated. The boys’ words and rubs had violated me and made me feel as if I’d just been touched all over in the most callous way. I wanted to go crawl back to Chicago, where at least I knew who the bullies were. I wanted to go home.
“You dropped this,” the voice said, handing me my schedule. When I looked up, the paper in his hands floated to the ground and he gasped. “Ashlyn.”
Blue eyes.

At first, a weird sense of comfort washed over me from knowing that he was the one who’d dismissed the assholes. But then the facts sank in. He’d dismissed the assholes.
“What are you doing here, Daniel?” He looked so…grown up. So different than when I’d seen him at Joe’s bar.
His tan pants were attached to a brown belt that matched his shoes. A light-blue button-down shirt covered his toned body, and his hair wasn’t free. It was tamed, combed back, held in place.
“Don’t,” he hissed. His lips frowned. I watched as he glanced down the hallways and the back of his right hand found his neck. “Don’t call me that, Ashlyn,” he whispered.
A locker slammed nearby, and I jumped out of fright. Everything twisted inside of me, and I fought back the tears that were pushing their way to the fronts of my eyelids.
How could this be?
Daniel cleared his throat and picked up my schedule once again. This time, he studied it, his eyes growing more and more worried. “You’re a student.” His hand formed a fist and he repeatedly tapped it against his mouth. “You’re my student.”
My eyes widened in confusion and horror. Mostly horror. The bell rang loudly, the noise rocketing through the hallways.
“And you’re late.”

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