Vicky’s Review of Revealed by Lizzy Ford and Julia Crane

revealed lizzy and julia

The Story:

Cyena is caught trying to help smuggle elite children away from the Lemurrian capital to safety on the other side of the planet. The Freewalker commander decides to give her task in exchange for leniency in what could be a death sentence. She must locate an Atlantean crystal that will allow Tyana to return from Earth, where she has been detained by members of the elite bent on returning the former regime to power. 

The only problem: the crystal is in the hands of Welon, Cyena’s ex-fiancé, a Mindwalker following his father’s path towards madness.

My Thoughts

With every installment I am left wanting MORE!!

We start off with Cyena and a trusted family ally rescuing elite children that had somehow survived, and moving them to what they hope is a better chance to live. When Cyena get’s caught smuggling the children, and even knowing of the prophecy,she is unsure of her fate.

As she awaits her punishment, she begins to worry that she will never see Kaydon again. She has really gotten herself into a jam this time…  And just when she thinks her time is up she is offered a chance to redeem herself. The problem? Welon. UGH he is like a bad plague that will not go away.. BUT he just may be the key to her being re-united with Tyana. Will she  succeed?  Will the brother’s and sister’s ever find their ways back to each other? I hope so because the fate of Lemurria depends on it..

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