Suleika’s Review of Unstoppable by Scott Hildreth



Mike Ripton “Ripp” is witty, covered in muscle, rides a motorcycle, and drives a 1969 Chevelle. he’s tattooed, and has 4 piercings on his cock. He has never been in love, nor has he ever been in an actual relationship. He does relationships, ‘just not for that long’. He boxes professionally, and fights bare knuckles matches in the ‘hood’ for cash. Ripp is a take me or leave me type of alpha male that won’t change for anyone.

When he meets the ‘most beautiful woman in the word’ one day in the bar, a local prominent attorney, he decides she’ll be his next ‘victim’. Little does he realize that he just might be hers. She eagerly admits she’s attracted to one type of male, and one type only. Bad Boy. Alpha. Tattooed. And. Dominant.

As long as she’s in a relationship.

But Ripp doesn’t do relationships…..

Unstoppable is steamy. The type that fanning yourself wont fix. It’s got alpha males. Fighting. Tattoos. Muscles. And above all, it’s got Mike Ripton.

My thoughts

5 stars but 10 if I could rate it that 🙂
*Gifted Ecopy in exchange for honest review*

What a ride!!! OMG and WOW doesn’t really cover what I want to say. This is that book that I will use to compare others by from now on.
The characters are so well written, I loved every single one of them. Michael Allen Ripton is the best Alpha male ever!!! I so fell in love with Ripp. Vivian is a good character as well and perfect for him. I liked that she knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid of anything. Mike’s parents were hilarious. Ripp’s best friend Dekk is so dreamy, his girlfriend Kace is so sweet. I need to read Dekk’s book like right now.
The sex scenes, well, the sex scenes were nothing short of incredible and amazing and steamy and hot and there are just not enough words in the dictionary to describe them. This author sure knows how to write a great sex scene.
The story is so entertaining, I laughed many times, Ripp is a very funny guy. The dialog and the words he invented were hilarious. Lickle was my fave of course 😉 This was one of those books I finished in one sitting because it is that good, kept me glued to the story the whole time. Left me wanting more that’s for sure.
This is the second book I read from this author and I gotta say he is quickly becoming a fave. In fact I will be checking all his other books out and buying them all.

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