Crystal’s Review for Club Dishabille by Arden Aoide



Alex Marchand doesn’t know how to do things by half, even when on medication to control his impulsiveness. It’s a struggle he’s had since childhood. When he falls, he falls hard and he falls fast. Luckily, he found a girl as foolish as Dahlia Warwick, a woman who has codependency down to an art.

Club Dishabille is a novel that gives the reader the hearts and flowers they expect and only the palest of pink bottoms. Arden explores the subject of BDSM with readers who may not quite be ready for a safeword.

Dahlia and Alex, two people with limited experience in exploring what they desire, discover a new definition of romance while finding their way together. Dishabille spanks the genre of romance, but delivers the happily ever after.

Club Dishabille is a love story for those who want it a little bit rougher.


Crystal’s thoughts:

5 Stars
Total Surprise
I have to say I was COMPLETELY surprised by this book! It was well written and kept me interested the entire time. It’s about a guy named Alexander who is a dominant sex god (totally my description lol) that has been unlucky in love and doesn’t feel he will find the one who can satisfy his sexual needs. Dahlia is a girl next door who up until that point was very subdued during sex but wants to slowly experience BDSM. The characters were relatable and believable. I loved getting to know Alexander! He was sweet but also had a sexy dominant side. And Dahlia was such an innocent girl with such a down to earth personality that I think most women will be able to relate to her in some way. I think the funniest part of the book is how Dahlia and her ex-husband Nick act towards each other and the relationship between Alexander and his sister Miranda. Having those four characters combined was amusing and extremely hot at some points. A great “Love” story for sure! Recommend this book to everyone. I’ll definitely be checking out book 2!

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