Suleika’s Review of The Shadow of Tiamat



On a dark Ozark highway, two souls meet in tragedy and find their lives are connected to things bigger than them both. Megan Crunk, a social worker from Joplin, uncovers vampires preying on a small community. That same day, she meets Garrett, a fascinating stranger who is clearly more than he seems. But, as Meg slowly learns, so is she…
Garrett Terago is an ancient dragon, and until now, content with the secluded Ozark mountains. Disguised as a human, but rarely paying them heed, until he meets Megan. He offers her love and protection from the vampires but can he keep her safe from his own kind?
War looms between the dragons. Some long for a time lost to prehistory, when they were worshiped as gods, masters of the world. Somehow, Garrett is instrumental to their plans and Megan is in their way.

My thoughts

5 stars

Definitely a must read if you like paranormal. The story was super fun and kept my interest the whole time. Author’s writing style is great.
The story is about dragons and there are also a few vampires but none is a main character. The story keeps you guessing the whole time, there are a few things that make you think about a few characters and what they are. Some that seem human and you think are human during the story are something more but we still don’t know what they are on this book. There is a book 2 and I’m sure we will get all the questions answered. This books ends in an epic cliffhanger that will make you scream or say bad words, I did. The author sure knows how to leave you hanging, lol! The story ends and you definitely want more that very second because you don’t want to wait to know what happens when the main character gives her boyfriend some really incredible news.
The main character’s are Meg and Garrett. Garrett is a dragon and the author really knows how to write a great story about dragons. I have to admit that I have not read many dragon stories but this one is incredibly good, probably the best one I have ever read. Also I should point out that this author really knows how to write some steamy sex scenes. I gotta say sex with a dragon was interesting. I learned quite a few things with this dragon.
Characters are very likable and you will definitely fall in love with Garrett.
I loved how the author ended the story even though it’s a cliffhanger and made me scream a few bad words.
I will read more from this author for sure. Need to get book 2 like right now!!!

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