Vicky’s Review of Enough Isn’t Everything by K L Shandwick

enough isnt everything kl shandwick

Lily’s friends in London regard her as having the whole package. Smart, beautiful, and musically talented, she’s finally realised her dream to study in the USA, by securing a music place at college in Miami. She regards herself as worldly, having lived the London life and travelled to Mumbai to work in an orphanage in the past, so felt more than able to cope with living and studying abroad. 
On arrival in Florida, everything on the surface seems to be running to plan. That is, until a chance encounter on campus with a stunningly handsome, charismatic, rock-god-like musician, Alfie, leads her into a no-strings sexual relationship with him. Until she arrived in the USA, Lily had tried to avoid personal relationships with the opposite sex, not wanting anything to affect her plans. She was sexually naïve but after meeting Alfie, she convinces herself she’s able to deal with what Alfie is offering her. What follows takes Lily on a roller coaster of emotions and after a surprise visit from Max, her friend and room mate’s brother it leaves her questioning her morals. 

At college Lily quickly teams up with Will, a handsome sax player, who helps her develop her creative ideas and performs with her as a duo in the Miami music scene. A series of bad choices in her relationships with Alfie, Max and Will, create emotional turmoil for Lily which leaves her doubting her judgement about men. Each of the three men has a special place in her heart for different reasons. She realises that she’s no match for Alfie and tries to resist his attention. He’s told her he can’t love her, but wants to be with her physically, arguing, sex between them is enough. The reality for Lily is she knows enough isn’t everything.

My Thoughts

I am going to give this one 4*

This is definitely intended for a mature audience

Let me start off saying there is A-LOT of sex in this book.

Which considering Lily is in a new place, starting her college journey- I guess that is kind of understandable. As Lily starts off on her new venture she meets Alfie. Hmm what can I say about him? He is definitely a charmer and a Ladies man. But he is a no-hearts and flowers kind of guy. Being in a band, and drop dead sexy he has women practically falling at his feet, when he sees Lily he must have her. But knowing he can’t give her what she deserves makes for an interesting story to say the least. I did enjoy the character’s as well as the story line but struggled through some of the sex scenes.  Not that they were written bad or anything, I just struggled. With everything going on we see Lily start to lose herself a bit.  I was left hanging, but in a good way.

Will Lily be able to find herself? Will we find out why Alfie feels he can’t love? I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the next one.

Overall it was a good read.

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