Vicky’s Review of Timeless (bk4 in the Witchwood Estates) by Patti Roberts

timeless bk4 wwe patti roberts

Seventeen-year-old Alexandria Harvey-Santorini has returned home to claim her birthright, Witchwood Estate. But her journey has only just begun, and Alexandria soon realizes there is far more going on in Ferntree Falls than she remembers. With the constant threat of black magic and an evil clan of witches intent on stealing her power, Alexandria must remain vigilant, even when it comes to falling in love. Suspense, love, mystery and mayhem are only a hint of the magic you’ll find in “Timeless”, the 4th book in the Witchwood Estate series.

My Thoughts

Patti has done it AGAIN!


Let me start off by saying I am LOVING these “Episodic Tales”. There is just enough story to pull you in and enough suspense to make you crave MORE..

In this “Episode” Alexandria gets to meet more of her quirky family, in the form of Aunt Mindy. I can already tell I am going to like her. As well as a handsome stranger. But as her circle of friends and family grows, so does the danger. I am still unsure of some of the character’s  intentions, but that just adds to my craving for more.  Also an old family treasure opens up new possibilities. Will Alexandria be able to escape evil’s clutches? Will she find Love? I guess we will have to wait and see…

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