Suleika’s Review of Angel Omega by Brandon Godbee



After struggling for several long months, Jason and Sarah Wyatt are expecting a healthy baby boy. How could they have known that the young child growing in Sarah’s womb is the banished soul of the youngest archangel of heaven? His crime is so unspeakable that it seems unreal. The archangel Gabriel has sworn to watch over him, for he alone knows the truth about why the archangel Omega would defy his eldest brother, Michael, and bring the Antichrist before God. Could one act of kindness save the darkest of souls?



5 stars
Beautifully written. Is a story about love. Family love mostly. There is also a battle between good and evil. It’s mostly the story of how the youngest of the archangels, Omega, ended up spending time as a mortal and how his family looked over him while he was not with them in heaven.

The story will make you laugh, mostly Damien, he is an angel with a potty mouth and sometimes he was quite naughty. Damien is the son of Lucifer but he has both good and bad in him, he choses to be good. His dad was an interesting character to say the least.

There was a twist I did not see coming, Fate, I will not tell you what happened but it totally took me by surprise.

If you have a catholic upbringing like me, you will find the story fascinating and very interesting. The way the author explains things about angels and heaven etc it’s quite refreshing. It does have a cliffhanger in the end and it does not have a HEA ending but I believe we will get the happy ending in the next installment.

Loved quotes like this one:
“In the beginning, the universe was dark and without form. Nothing existed in the stillness of the deep but dust. I extended my hand, gathering all that was in the universe into it, and compressed it together. I envisioned the first stars as beautiful gemstones that glittered upon the sky. The gathered dust began to pulse with energy.”

And this one:
God created an image of four crying babies. “I created their souls from my very own, and into them I breathed life. Suddenly, four tiny, crying babies lay before me. After I cleaned the dust and ash from their tiny crying bodies, I named my first born son Michael, my second son Lucifer, my third son Gabriel, and my fourth son Raphael.

To finish I will say that this author takes great care when writing his story, he pays attention to details and he does not make grammatical or punctuation errors and that is always a plus when reading any book.


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