Suleika’s Review For Non Friction By Author Morgan Parker


The word brilliant comes to mind, ha! If you read this book you will know why I used this word to describe it. Wow! This book is amazing! So funny, I thought for some reason that it was going to be a sad story but it was far from it. I truly enjoyed all of it. To tell you a little about the story, it is the story of an author that one day finds himself alone, his wife walked out on him and took his daughter. She then comes back when his book gets on Amazons best sellers and she wants to try marriage counseling but she already has a boyfriend on the side. Morgan, the main character on the book and author in the story still wants to save the marriage. The Dr. asks both of them, the wife “Princess” (that’s what Morgan calls her), and Morgan to do an assignment, they both had to use 6 pictures and describe feelings. Morgan decided to write a story called “Our Story” and Princess decides to do a comic book. Morgan calls the wife “Princess” but he also uses a second word after it, it is always a bad one, lol! With Morgan being an author he finds that he has some fans, one of them in particular very persistent, she even sent him underwear. They become friends, then more as the story goes along. They meet, she lives in NY and he goes to visit her. Her name is Emma, she is married and has 2 daughters. Emma decides even though she wanted more with Morgan that they needed to be just “pen pals” The story continues, many things happen and I’m not going to write all of it and spoil anything but they fall in love. They make many mistakes. And in the end, there is a kind of a happy ending. To me it was a happy ending, even if it was just for Morgan. I thought during the whole story that he deserved a happy ending, just for him. I really didn’t like Emma much, if I was her, I would have left the husband for Morgan like right away. But she was different and made different decisions.
I really loved the story, super funny and very entertaining. It also had a moment that made me sad, one that involved the daughter but it was not an ugly cry kind of moment, it was just a little sad and made me tear up a bit. The story held my attention the whole time and I loved the authors writing style.
If you are looking for a fun story to read then this is the one for you. It is also a very real life story, like I was thinking the whole time, yep, that happens, specially when he spent time with his daughter Evelyn.
Get this book, you won’t regret it.

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