Suleika’s Review for Try Not To Burn

16036270About the book:

Shot to death in the line of duty, rookie cop Brandon Morales awakens in a much darker world than the one he left. Trying to make sense of it all, Brand stumbles across Sam and Jane, two women simply struggling to survive. With their souls hanging in the balance, and eternal damnation never more than one wrong turn away, these three strangers will need to put their trust in one another in order to stay one step ahead of the flames of Hell. But when enemies pose as trusted friends, when lost loves crumble the will to continue, and when hidden desires threaten to tear allegiances apart, it will take more than faith and determination to pass God’s final test. It will take a miracle.


Suleika’s Review:

This is the story of Brand, Sam and Jane. They are all dead. In the beginning of the story we meet Brand, he is a cop. He gets shot by a serial killer on a routine traffic stop. He didn’t even see it coming. He wakes up in Hell city. He was lucky that he woke up were Sam and Jane were staying. He has to learn many things to be able to stay “alive” in Hell city. When the “mates” (that’s the term they use for the souls in Hell city) die, they burn. They burst into flames and vanish. The three of them form a bond and become friends. Hell city is dangerous, there are monsters and what they call “Gral” everywhere and these monsters want to burn all the mates. So many things happened to Brand, Sam and Jane. Brand almost got burned 3 times. On the story we see all the difficulties that they had to endure.
I loved the story! It’s different, keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next. I laughed a few times, you won’t be bored. There is no love story but I kept thinking that maybe on the next book we might see Brand and Jane together, I hope so anyways. This is such an awesome book! It has a cliffhanger so be warned.


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