Vicky’s Review of Terrorizing Jude

terrorizing jude cover

About the Book:

Jude is terrified. She lives in a constant state of fear of being home alone. She is so afraid that it is starting to affect her marriage. To overcome her fear she decides to spend a perilous two days alone in her apartment while her husband is at work. Her mind plays endless tricks on her from phantom sneezes to the television turning itself on. But is it all in her imagination? Or is there really something to be afraid of? Something as close as her coat closet?

What I Thought:

I found this book definitely intriguing.. It flowed well and I finished in no time. Wade gave me a different point of view that I don’t think I have ever had while reading about a Serial Killer. When I check out these kind of book’s I find myself wondering.. “I wonder what was going on inside their head?” Well in Terrorizing Jude I got that aspect. And rather enjoyed it. I can say the one thing that did disappoint me was that I wished that it had been longer . That being said sometimes you need that shorter read. I am definitely looking forward to reading his other book Snipe Hunt  as well, and hoping to see more.

About the Author:

Wade Joseph Le Fevre was born and raised in California. A life long lover of books and films, he can often be found at the movies or with a book in his hands, sometimes both. Terrorizing Jude is his debut novella.

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