Suleika’s Review Snipe Hunt by Wade Joseph Le Fevre

snipe hunt

 About the book:

Carpenter, California is not Los Angeles. It is a much smaller city more inland, with less crime and a smaller population. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t seen its share of violence. In his time as a homicide detective there, Arthur Nelms has seen things that have caused many sleepless nights. But nothing like the string of animal attacks that begin cropping up just before he is due to retire. Like every other murder he has investigated they have a simple rational explanation.Until he begins finding evidence that the killer may be all too human…

What I thought:

5 stars- This book was awesome! This is a different kind of vampire story from what we are used to reading these days. The story is told by Arthur, one of the cops investigating a series of murders happening in a small town in California. At first you read about the murders and kind of think vampire? But you really don’t know till later on if it is a vampire or not. There is gore and descriptions of the murders in detail, blood and stuff like that. The author writing style is flawless and incredibly good. During the story you will see that you read about a character and then that character is the next to go, so be warned, there is a lot of deaths in the story. Only one death really made me sad but I won’t tell you who it was, it was one I wasn’t expecting. I loved how the story ended, this is not your HEA kind of ending but it does have a cool twist at the end. If you are looking for something different and mysterious to read that has a paranormal feel then this is the book for you.

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